Photographic Safaris

Let us go on an adventure to the side of East Africa where the lavish landscapes, wondrous wildlife and the ever passionate people come together to make the music called life.


Akara Expeditions Photographic Safaris are designed for photographers. Catering for different skill levels, from the enthusiastic amateur to the seasoned professional, Africa plays host to dramatic landscapes, incredible wildlife, and exceptional scenery.

Our Photographic Safaris are limited to small groups, with only two to four photographers per 4×4 safari vehicle. This small group size ensures that you receive the personal attention, guidance and instruction you need. We take you to the best locations, and you stay in the best available accommodations. The opportunities to capture breathtaking images are plenty – the Great Migration in Masai Mara, leopards in Samburu and Laikipia, masses of flamingos at Lake Nakuru, elephants in Amboseli, gorillas in The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and many more experiences. 

Features of this safari include:

  • Small group of keen photographers
  • Full row of seats on the vehicle
  • Vehicles fully customised for photography
  • Accommodation in the heart of the parks
  • Experienced guide with in-depth knowledge of the parks
  • Aerial safari which offer a unique perspective and great photographic opportunities

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At Akara Expeditions, we believe your trip should be designed just for you. The above expedition is an example showcasing available experience combinations that you can use to create your expedition with one of our dedicated Travel Specialists.

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