What you need to know about Kenya

Important tips when travelling to Kenya

Home of the classic safari, Kenya has been a prime safari destination for many years. Undoubtedly its most famous attraction is the renowned Masai Mara, home to rich resident wildlife and magnificent Maasai warriors. However, Kenya also has a range of other wildlife attractions, ranging from perennially popular and easily accessed reserves to more remote and secluded retreats. Our travel advice will ensure that you get the most out of your safari to Kenya.

Bear in mind that the Equator divides Kenya and the weather tends to be hot and humid, especially in summer.

Best time to travel to Kenya

Kenya is a year-round safari destination with excellent game viewing throughout. Guests wanting to witness the famous Great Migration must plan their travel to Kenya well in advance, as the migration path does vary from one year to the next depending on rainfall.


Banking hours at most commercial banks are Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 16h00 and 09h00 to 12h00 on Saturday.

ATMs are found throughout Kenya’s major city centres and shopping complexes.

The currency is the Kenyan Shilling. Please check with your hotel for daily exchange rates. Foreign currencies such as the USD are widely accepted. However, please note that dollar bills printed before 2003 are not accepted in Kenya. High denomination notes may also not be accepted.

Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express are accepted by most restaurants, shops and hotels. Proof of identity may be requested, so be sure to carry a passport or some form of photo identification at all times.


The usual safety guidelines apply – don’t leave your luggage unattended and always keep your valuables close by or locked away. It is advised you check with your tour operator or hotel concierge – they will know if there are any potentially unsafe areas along your travel route.

It is wise to avoid deserted areas, particularly at night. Concealed travel wallets are recommended.

Passport & Visa Requirements

Anyone who requires a VISA to enter Kenya must apply for an eVisa via https://immigration.ecitizen.go.ke/index.php?id=5. It is recommended to obtain visas prior to arrival as there is a likelihood of long queues at all airports.

Passports are required by all foreign visitors and must be valid for 6 months after the intended length of stay. Please ensure that you have at least 2 consecutive blank visa pages (not endorsement pages) in your passport. Our recommendation is 3 or even 4 blank pages if you are travelling through more than one country. If there is insufficient space in the passport then entry could be denied.

Depending on nationality and country of origin, visa requirements may vary or change without notice. We advise checking with the appropriate consular authority prior to departure. Should the appropriate authority confirm that visas can be obtained on arrival, please ensure you have the applicable fee available.

Officials may not have sufficient change – it is recommended that all fees be carried in small-denomination US Dollar bills issued after 2008.